Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Contemporary African Art: "State of The Nation"

"State of The Nation" by Kudzanai Chiurai
Africa is not only war and misery. African culture is not only tribal masks, ritual dances and traditional drum beating. Africa has a very creative, lively culture and not least a very urban, sometimes very political contemporary art scene.
Through „Africa is a Country“ I discover Kudzanai Chiurai, a South African artist born in Zimbabwe.
K. Chiurai (African Coulours)
With his new project „State of the nation“ continues along the path he has chosen by his 2009 project „Dying to be Men“. He focuses on youth culture and proposes a fresh way of looking at the socio-politics of our continent by juxtaposing the past and the present.” 

In the words of the southafrican art website „VISI“: „Kudzanai’s constructed environments are enticing and seductive but explore very real casualties of African independence and democracy and the effects of globalisation on war. And ultimately the artist asks: 'If we could write our history and chart our futures as we please, who would we be?"

A slideshow of Kudzanai Chiurais's "Dying to be Men" you can find here.
And here are "The Minister of Finance" and "The Black President":

"The Minister of Finance" by Kudzanai Chiurai
"The Black President" by Kudzunai Chiurai

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