Freitag, 4. Juli 2008

Die Zeitung stirbt

Vin Crosbie, der Online-Guru in den USA (Online-News-Veteran, Consultant und Professor für Visual Interactive Communications an der Syracuse University) formuliert radikal,was wohl acuh für Europa und die Schweiz gilt.

"The newspaper industry is dying".

Gleichzeitig formuliert Crosbie aber auch soetwas wie: "Die Zeitung ist tot, lang lebe die Zeitung." Aber eben nur, wenn sie sich wandelt und vorallem den Sprung ins Netz schafft.
Crosbies Hauptbotschaft:

individualisierte(«customized») Vermittlung von Informationen (News):
    «Billions of people today are using their new-found cornucopia of access to information. Each person is using it to hunt and gather whatever mix of information matches his unique individual mix of interests.

    And those billions of people are gravitating away from generic, analog products that deliver the same mix of news to everyone. They're moving away from the analog newspaper.
    That's why circulation is declining. This isn't a cyclical change. It's permanent. The cornucopia of access to information that consumer now have isn't going to go away. The traditional, analog newspaper is.
    Customization makes the daily newspaper more relevant to each person's interest and needs. It will make the daily newspaper much, much more valuable. Billions of people are leaving analog newspapers and going out to hunt and gather information that fits each of their own individually unique mixes of interests. Why should they hunt and gather?

    There's a huge business opportunity there. People talk about the missing business model for online publishing. Well this is it and always has been. And it's possible online and now in print.»

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