Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

The model for Somalia is Switzerland

Somalia's Parliament Mogadishu 2010
"Don’t laugh! Political power in Switzerland lies in the cantons – the 26 proud self-governing communities. The state, such as it is, deals with international matters and national law. Who cares – or even knows – who the president of Switzerland is. The way people live and are governed is decided locally. The Swiss confederation means that cantons have joined the state willingly and can leave if they want to. If they were a simple federation, they could not."

Well, it's always fascinating - and kind of flattering - to observe the strange and exessively positive image of Switzerland in Africa. Honestly, I wasn't aware that the swiss cantons "can leave" the state, "if they want to." But the article in "African Arguments" is worth reading. Not to learn much about Switzerland, but interesting backgrounds about Somalia.

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